Bad Girl, Good Business

Route 66 Installment #44: Fear of “Poison” in Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Reading Time: 4 minutes Food, beauty products, and household cleaners are filled with lots o’ evil stuff. And irresponsible wasteful packaging is killing our planet. That’s why we went to the Natural Products Expo (also known as Expo East) in Philadelphia to see what’s new in that sector. It’s like trick or treating for grown-ups. (Who can possibly turn […]


What 19 Things Were in My COVID-19 Shopping Cart?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m referring to those things in which I invested money and time over the past 144 days or so. Given our current economic situation and the roller coaster of being an independent contractor, I’ve learned to live reasonably modestly and squirrel away a reserve. (The last recession taught me that lesson.) Plus, I don’t want […]