Bad Girl, Good Business

Route 66 Installment #49: I Learned These 7 Lessons from The Walking Dead

Reading Time: 4 minutes Yup. I admit it. I’m a fan of “The Walking Dead.” Not the kind of fan who flew to Atlanta to audition for Zombie School. Or calls in to “The Talking Dead” on Sunday nights. Or shows up at ComicCon dressed as a Whisperer. I don’t watch all the spin-off shows. But I confess that […]


Route 66 Installment #14: Clean Your Sh*t Up!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Grab that metaphorical Swifter or Roomba!  April is spring cleaning time! As you “travel” along with me during my 66th year, you’ll notice that I change my themes monthly, capturing how aging redefines each of them. January was all about time February’s focus was passion. (I launched my dating series that month.) March (the month […]