Bad Girl, Good Business

30 million Nutella lovers can’t be wrong. The power of community.

Reading Time: 3 minutes People just love to cluster. Whether it’s a work-related group, a fraternity, a book club, or the 30 million people who “LIKE” today’s holiday — #worldnutelladay — people simply want to belong. (For the genesis of World Nutella Day, just check out the link, below.) Seth Godin writes and speaks about Tribes. Communities can make change, educate, […]


Dream…lead…inspire…risk…serve…and click!

Reading Time: 2 minutes His dream lives on…worldwide (thanks to technology). Today is not just about the man. It’s about the lessons learned from the man — Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a change agent because he saw injustice and had the strength, fortitude, and passion to follow his dream (even when his advisors told him to drop the […]