Bad Girl, Good Business

The Grateful 40

Reading Time: < 1 minute Why? Because, quite frankly, 2020 has been full of things way beyond our control (a true understatement). Dwelling on the things that didn’t happen or our daily challenges can send us down a dark, exhausting, and depressing spiral. So, I chose to channel the energy that I otherwise would have put into kvetching into ruminating […]


My First Quarter Listicle. Where’s Yours?

Reading Time: 4 minutes A listicle? It’s not like a popsicle or a testicle. See the links below for the definition. Here is my first quarter WOW and GRATITUDE listicle and my mini-listicle (a misticle?) for the second quarter. It’s a great business exercise. Way better than a boring business plan. It’s simple. Just make a list of what […]