Bad Girl, Good Business

How to Make “The Remote Thing” Work in 5 (Sometimes Not-So-Easy) Steps

Reading Time: 3 minutes Employees are voting with their feet (and their vans). Many of them simply don’t want to return to an office. Frankly, as long as the Delta Variant is lurking around and some states are still below 50% vaxxed, who can really blame them? Some major brands have moved permanently to remote work and hybrid models. […]


The Two-Career Professional: Brilliant or Icky?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the 1980s, the two-career couple became a “thing.” Women sought economic independence and the cost-of-living and the “greed is good” mentality prompted professionals to redefine family roles. But now we have two-career (or maybe even more) humans. The 4 Types of Workers You’ll Meet in the 2020s New work habits are emerging, as a […]