Bad Girl, Good Business

Route 66 Installment #46: The Monsters & Haunted Houses in Our Lives

Reading Time: 3 minutes Anxiety can ultimately kill you. Here are the scientific facts. But don’t get anxious and read on! A little bit of anxiety can be good. Facing fears is liberating and can lead to great things. But what about the creatures and experiences we consciously or subconsciously let into our lives? That’s like watching a horror […]


Fear Factors: What Freaks Us Out at Every Age?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have vivid memories of lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, at about age 4 or 5. I had been reading Charlotte’s Web and had convinced myself that hundreds of spiders were parachuting down and landing on my wide-eyed face. I also didn’t care much for clowns, ventriloquist dummies,  and some of the […]