Bad Girl, Good Business

The 100 Years Club Installment #5: Prime

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hooray for Hollywood! “Don’t let anybody tell you you’re past your prime.” That’s what Michelle Yeoh said in her Oscar acceptance speech. Let’s now all hope that life imitates art. At least on the Hollywood stage last night, women of a certain age were well-represented, often teaming up with younger artists to present the statuettes. […]


We Must Be Depressed (Again): My Take on the 2017 Oscars

Reading Time: 2 minutes The movie musical was popular during the Great Depression To quote one website, “Politicians often allotted Hollywood the task of “cheering Americans up” during the Depression, hoping that the entertainment industry could play a key role in distracting Americans from the horrors of the economic downfall.” Perhaps that’s why La La Land has been so […]