Bad Girl, Good Business

#9: Take Time for Self-Care and Unplugging

Reading Time: 3 minutes Those of you who know me, probably think I’m not an authority on this topic. And you’re probably right. “Does theONswitch have an off switch?” I’ve been asked. “More like a dimmer,” I usually reply. This post is especially timely because I actually did “power down” for an entire weekend and I will be mostly […]


#8 Set and Hit KPIs

Reading Time: 3 minutes What’s the History of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)? According to a few websites (which means it must be true): “The practice [of setting KPIs] dates back to the third century when the emperors of the Wei Dynasty (221-265AD) rated the performance of the official family members.” Although my Nana Molly never reviewed my accomplishments and […]