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#3: Track Trends (But Don’t Chase Shiny Objects)

Reading Time: 4 minutes What’s new? What’s old? What’s timeless? 30+ years ago I created customer personas for direct marketing.  20+ years ago I questioned whether large business trade shows were sustainable.  16 years ago I realized that social media would be a powerful marketing force.  10 years ago I saw the demise of the traditional office and the […]


The Two-Career Professional: Brilliant or Icky?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the 1980s, the two-career couple became a “thing.” Women sought economic independence and the cost-of-living and the “greed is good” mentality prompted professionals to redefine family roles. But now we have two-career (or maybe even more) humans. The 4 Types of Workers You’ll Meet in the 2020s New work habits are emerging, as a […]