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Route 66 Installment #30: Tom’s Baby

Reading Time: 3 minutes No, I’m not pregnant. Tom’s Baby is the name of a gold nugget that weighed more than 11 pounds and was found in Colorado in 1887. The prospector who found it (Tom Groves) swaddled it like an infant when he showed it off in Breckenridge. Gold nuggets (gigantic and tiny) are everywhere. That’s metaphorical, not […]


Route 66 Installment #29: The Strollabout

Reading Time: 3 minutes Perhaps you’ve heard of a walkabout. Technically, it’s a rite of passage in Australian Aboriginal society. But, I prefer the Urban Dictionary definition: “A spontaneous journey through the wilderness of one’s choosing in an effort to satisfy one’s itchy feet.” My parents are both gone. My kids are both grown. My business is steady and […]