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Route 66 Installment #47: Technophobia & Seven Things You Need NOW!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Technophobia is fear of technology. It’s often irrational and, quite frankly, a huge barrier to many people who “missed the memo.” Although older people (like me) are often considered to be technology-challenged, I have actually been involved with tech-centric businesses since the 1980s and started using social media in 2005 — long before some of […]


Tech Companies Beware. Your Brand May Be Boring.

Reading Time: 3 minutes SaaS and other tech-based companies can learn something invaluable from “old school” branding. I used to work at Mastercard and Citibank. I was in fintech before it was dubbed fintech. The bottom line is that any technology-based product or service is basically a commodity. Mastercard was and is a piece of plastic (or series of […]