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Woo Me…Don’t Stalk Me! (The Dark Side of Digital Connecting)

This month’s theme (because it’s June) is couplings and un-couplings. As my regular readers know, I tend to pick an major seasonal content theme each month and attempt to fit my posts under that umbrella (not unlike an old-fashioned magazine). Coincidentally, I just read a quasi-rant on LinkedIn about how the site is turning into a […]


Like Tinder for Business?

I’m a sucker for new apps.  So, I just downloaded something called Shapr, after reading about it somewhere. If LinkedIn and Tinder had a baby, it would be Shapr. Side note: I don’t love the branding…it sounds like Spanx-like hosiery…I want my business connections to be liberating, not suck in my chubby parts. Their logo is pretty […]