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“It’s Hard!” My Week in Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Indulge me in a brief feminist “rant” this week. The word “rant” to me means controlled stream of consciousness, by the way. A publicist didn’t want me to include it in this blog’s title because she thought it might sound too “out-of-control-woman-like.” But I’ve seen lots of important people in business, government, and media (including […]


Stop, Shut-up, Count to 90, and Breathe!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mother Nature has a perverse and yet wildly effective way of getting me to get back on course. She¬†simply shuts down my airways.¬† It happened back in my early ’30s when my right lung collapsed. I had just taken-on a new high-pressure gig at Citibank, I had a 2-year old at home, and a bunch […]