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Voracious App-etite (What Apps are hot for 2016?)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Apps used to mean appetizers. A gastronomic tie-in exists, as we seem to be gluttonous when it comes to apps. We use them for all kinds of things — to stay organized, to find stuff, to connect with each other, to stockpile and rate music, films, booze, and food. Here are the most popular apps […]


Down the Drain…My Year-End Ephiphany

Reading Time: < 1 minute Buh-bye. Just like that, on the day before Thanksgiving, all my contacts vanished from my smartphone. (It may be smart, but apparently it has a limited memory, as it keeps telling me — even after I deleted thousands of messages and pictures.) I remained strangely calm. I visited two AT&T stores and spent about an […]