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“I Do!” or “I Wanna Hook-up?” Millennial Mating Calls (Chapter 6)

How do millennials view dating and marriage? This morning at the gym, a young woman was showing off her wedding ring to a friend and gushing about her honeymoon. She could have been of any age or any era. The wedding industry is huge — $300 billion globally (and $55 billion in the U.S.). Online […]


Listen Up, Young Ladies! (Millennial Mania: Chapter 5)

Sorry if this sounds all preachy and school-marmy. I can’t help myself.  As a mentor of young women and women business owners, a mom/grandmom of girls, long-time boss-lady, and consultant,  I sometimes go there. But it comes from a place of love. I truly want the next generation of young women to prosper, find balance, […]