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Pole Vault: Why We Love the Olympics (Fun #1)

Reading Time: 2 minutes We like to watch other people jump, throw, run and sweat. Starting August 5th, many of our TV-watching hours (2 hours and 49 minutes, on average) will be spent viewing the Summer Olympics. How many other activities have been popular since 776 B.C.? Why do we love the Olympics? It brings out our “we are the world” spirit […]


Making Beautiful Music Together

Reading Time: 2 minutes I went to the Monkees 50th reunion concert last night.  Davy Jones is gone. And Michael Nesmith was dialed-in via Skype for one song.  (Random fact: Nesmith’s  mother, a typist,  invented Liquid Paper. I came across that fact one day when researching women entrepreneurs and inventors for sheBOOM.) So, although only 50% of the Monkees appeared on […]