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e-me! Why e-marketing needs to be part of your mix in 2016!

e-marketing is still alive and well… Perhaps it’s even more important than ever before. Yes, your inbox is jam-packed with all kinds of spammy crap. I get that. I certainly delete my share of random e-mails each day. But I still send out a monthly e-newsletter and targeted blasts to audiences after I teach workshops. Here’s why. […]


The New Brand & Breed (Tech Day 2016: Part 2)

It’s not your momma’s business model! We all know that thousands of millennials are venturing out on their own to follow the Zuckerbergian model of success and wealth. They are building tech-enabled businesses to solve problems (or not — see Part 1). But, despite their desire to innovate and be free in their entrepreneurial spirit, […]