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Hack Your Vocabulary: An English Lesson for 2016-2017 Business

Reading Time: 5 minutes What better way to start the back-to-school/back-to-work season? The new economy has given rise to a whole new language. Just when we thought we’d mastered the lexicon of the Internet, the next wave of terms has us flummoxed and confounded. So, I’m going to play “Miss Nancy” (not to be confused with Miss Crabtree or the […]


Saturday Night at the Movies (Business of Fun #17)

Reading Time: 2 minutes We love to watch. When we aren’t attending festivals, listening to music, or traveling this summer, how else are we amusing ourselves? Since 1905, people have been spending a day or night at the movies. Sitting (or sprawling — more about that later), we stare up at a big screen and laugh, cry, hold hands, squirm, […]