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Pole Vault: Why We Love the Olympics (Fun #1)

We like to watch other people jump, throw, run and sweat. Starting August 5th, many of our TV-watching hours (2 hours and 49 minutes, on average) will be spent viewing the Summer Olympics. How many other activities have been popular since 776 B.C.? Why do we love the Olympics? It brings out our “we are the world” spirit […]


Baby Sharks and the Sharknado of Entrepreneurship (Millennial Mania Chapter 8)

I’m sort of addicted to Shark Tank. It’s my go-to show when I need to relax, I’m too tired to read or exercise, and nothing wildly educational or entertaining is on TV.  I just came across this article about the under-30 contestants to watch. What better time to blog about sharks than the weekend when Sharknado […]