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Biz Trippin’: 10 Essential Excursions for Innovators (The Business of Fun #6)

Reading Time: 3 minutes How Can Summer Travel Make You a Better Leader? In 1976, John Reed had a vision for a new kind of bank while vacationing in the Caribbean. His “memo from the beach” gave rise to a new form of consumer banking and the ATM (which is taken for granted these days). Here we are, 40 […]


Cohabitation and New Habits

Reading Time: 3 minutes I moved into a new office at WeWork this month. Actually, two offices. My team is across the hall and I have my own private glass-enclosed “closet” space. It’s actually quite cozy. I have a desk, a computer, tchochkes, healthy snacks, a water bottle, and storage. A rug is on order. What more does a […]