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Screw the Shadow…Drink a Beer Tonight!

Reading Time: < 1 minute I love the concept of fauxlidays… like Festivus on Seinfeld or the myriad events created by brands as an excuse to sell more product or the Hallmark Holidays of yore (before we started sending e-cards rather than paper ones) or SantaCon, an event dreaded by law enforcement officers and mothers. (See this post I previously […]


What Would Lew Do? (A Father’s Day Tribute)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ask most entrepreneurs and successful women and they’ll tell you… their fathers were an influence — positive or negative or some combination — on their leadership styles, confidence levels, and world views. Lewis (aka Lew) was my dad. He died way too young (64) and influenced my life as well as the lives of hundreds of women. […]