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Pre-Season Try-Outs: Why Every Founder Needs “Gym Class”

Here’s Installment 2 of our “Go the Head of the Business Class” series! Every founder and entrepreneurial professional (of any age) should take a cycling class (or indulge in some other activity that produces sweat and pain and pushes you to your limits). Just as gym class was mandatory in most schools (including the University of […]


Fests and Cons: When & Why People Gather (Business of Fun #16)

Music, comic books, sports, porn, movies, food, pets… What do they all have in common? These and other passions draw fans together. From Woodstock to Burning Man…from Play Fair to the Lowville Cream Cheese Festival, millions of people flock to tens of thousands of places to eat, drink, and be merry with like-minded consumers. Comic Con draws close […]