Bad Girl, Good Business

The Show Must Go On (The Trade Show, That Is)

I confess — I’m a “show dog” (as one of my colleagues dubbed us). I attended my first trade show/conference at 24. It was a brain surgery event (no joke) and I was sent cross-country with boxes of books, no clear direction, and an ample expense account. At 64, I braved COVID-19 and attended B2BMX […]


Hearts & Heroes: A Week of Hook-ups, Oscars & Aging

It all began on Thursday night… Chapter 1: Sex Across the Generations…Just in Time for Valentine’s Day. My planning sidekicks (Betsy, Mariah, Emily) and I hosted a CIRKEL Salon last week about dating, sex, relationships, and divorce. It was frank and fabulous and the age range was 22 to almost 72 (single, married, and poly) […]